Education Financing

Enabling you and your loved ones in achieving educational dreams and aspirations.


  • Obtain financing of up to BND 200,000.00 for overseas education & BND 50,000 for local education (subject to income requirements)
  • Maximum payment period of up to 10 years for overseas education and 7 years for local education
  • Wide range of expenses covered
  • Maximum grace period of up to 3 years (Applicable for overseas education only)
  • Choose from two financing packages
Package A
Financing without Grace Period
Package B
Financing with Grace Period
  • Profit plus principle to be paid upon disbursement of funds
  • Pays profit only during grace period according to drawdown amount
  • Pays profit plus principle after the grace period
  • 36 months maximum grace period
  • Shariah Concept
    • The Shariah concept applicable is Tawarruq
    • Tawarruq, also known as Reverse Murabahah, refers to the process of purchasing a commodity for a deferred price determined through Musawama (bargaining) or Murabaha (mark-up sale), and selling it to a third party for a spot price so as to obtain cash.
  • Eligibility


    • Brunei Citizens and Permanent Residents


    • Brunei Citizens and Permanent Residents
    • Individuals aged 21 to 65 years
    • Employed with Brunei Government, Semi-Government or private companies approved by BIBD including self-employed individuals

    *The maximum age of Customer is 55 years if the Customer is not receiving TAP, 60 years if the Customer is receiving TAP and not exceeding 65 years at the time of expected financing maturity.

    The final entitlement shall be subject to BIBD’s internal credit policies and assessment.

  • Required Documents


    • Original copy of Identification Card
    • Original copy of latest Salary Slip
    • Letter of Confirmation (Salary / Pension / Service Contract)
    • Statement of Account with other Financial Institutions (where applicable)
    • Business Registration Certificate (where applicable)


    • Original copy of Identification Card
    • Letter of Acceptance from the Educational Institution
    • Course Fees Structure from the Educational Institution
    • Estimated Cost of Living from the Educational Institution (where applicable)

    *Subject to BIBD’s assessment of the company’s/customer’s employment profile.

  • Fees and Requirements

    For more details, please refer to the Bank's Schedule of Tariffs or the list of applicable rates for this product.

    Please read this Product Disclosure Sheet before you decide to take the Education Financing. Be sure also to read the General Tawarruq Terms and Conditions of Sale.


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