MSME Account

A current account that caters for all sectors of Micro & Small Companies.

Features & Benefits

  • Enjoy the convenience of cheque payments.
  • The largest network of bank branches.
  • Monthly bank statements are given to help you track your transactions and account balance.
  • Foreign currencies and remittances facilities.
  • Access your account anytime, anywhere through BIBD BizNet.
  • Settle your bill through online bill payment
  • Pay your Zakat conveniently using our Zakat counter services.
  • Shariah Concept
    • Wakalah
      The Depositor ("Muwakkil") enters into a Wakalah Agreement with the Bank ("Wakil") and deposits a certain amount of money to the Bank to be utilized and invested in profitable Shariah-compliant transactions. The Depositor will be offered the expected profit rate from the Investments and the Bank will earn a Wakalah fee for the service rendered. Any amount that the Bank earns in excess of the Depositor's expected profit (after deducting the Wakalah fee) will be retained by the Bank as incentive.

  • Eligibility
    • Start-ups or Companies which has been registered to ROC and relevant Government Departments for ten (10) years and below.
    • Micro and small companies.
    • Has no company’s account OR had closed for more than (3) years with any banks and financial institutions in Brunei Darussalam.
    • Limited to proprietorship and partnership.
  • Required Documents

    For Proprietorship & Partnership Company:

    • Certificate of Registration - Section 16 and 17
    • Original copy of identity card(s) of the proprietor/partners.
  • Fees and Requirements
    • Minimum Opening Deposit

      BND50 minimum opening deposit. Account will automatically be closed if zero (0) balance, six (6) consecutive months after opening of account.

    • Maintenance Fee

      BND 2.00 per month if average monthly balance falls below BND 50.00 and inactive/ dormant.

    • Cheque Book Fee

      BND 0.50 per cheque leaf, up to BND 25.00 per book (50 leaves). For return cheques noted for (6) times within twelve (12) months, account will be requested for closing or change to normal current account.

Application Forms

Click to view General Wakalah Terms & Conditions of Deposit Products in English and Malay.


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