Treasury and Global Markets

Tailored treasury solutions to meet your organisation's liquidity needs and achieve optimum Investments returns.


As the financial markets continue to evolve, we see increasing needs for sophisticated financial innovations and hedging instruments for various financial risks. At BIBD Treasury and Markets Department, we provide innovative tailored treasury solutions for all our clients, ranging from plain deposits and foreign exchange to structured products and hedging solutions that comply with the principles of Shariah.

Our Treasury personnel are dedicated professionals whose aim is to provide suitable Investments solutions that meet the client's liquidity needs and offers optimum return based on a risk-reward profile.


Foreign Exchange

  • We offer competitive foreign exchange rate against local currency and major crosses.

Money Markets

  • We provide Shariah compliant short-term money market instruments that meet the client's liquidity and Investments requirements.

Structured Products

  • We tailor Shariah compliant innovative Investments solutions according to the client's needs.

FX Hedging

  • We provide hedging solutions, from simple outright forward under the concept of Wa'ad (unilateral promise) to Cross Currency and Profit Rate Swap based on Shariah principles.
  • This facility is provided by the Bank to compliment the trade facilities granted to the customer. The facility provides the customer a means to hedge themselves against the probability of loss from fluctuations in exchange rate of foreign currencies. This facility is given strictly for the purpose of advance booking of exchange rate to facilitate future payments of LCs, bills and other trade instruments only.

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