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Passbook Fee

What is a Passbook Fee?

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Gold Prestige

What is Gold Prestige?

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BIBD Mobile

What is BIBD Mobile?

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What is eTunai?

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What is eBayar?

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BIBD Virtual Card

What is BIBD Virtual Card?

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MasterCard Secure Online Code

What is secure online code?

How does secure online code protect me?

How do I shop using the secure online code?

Do I need to register for the secure online code service?

How do I know if an online merchant is participating in this secure online code service?

How do I check or change my mobile number?

What happens if I do not receive the one-time passcode?

Do I need to remember my one-time passcodes?

Does the one-time passcode expire?

I have accidentally deleted my one-time passcode, what should I do?

My mobile number is correct but I cannot access the BIBD text message that contains my one-time passcode, what can I do?

What if I make an error when I enter my one-time passcode into the merchant.s website?

What happens when my card is replaced?

Do I have to use the secure online code service?

Will I incur any charges for the secure online code service?

Does BIBD share my personal details with the online merchant or anyone else?

What are the system requirements to be able to use the secure online code service?

Can I use secure online code from any computer?

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

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Mobile Banking

What is BIBD Mobile Banking?

What services are available in BIBD Mobile banking?

How do I register for BIBD Mobile banking?

What is BIBD Mobile Banking?

How do I create mobile password?

What is Hardware Token?

How do I get Hardware Token?

What are the various ways to login into BIBD Mobile banking?

Is BIBD Online Pin the same as Internet Pin for BIBD Mobile banking?

What is a random mobile password?

What do I do if I have forgotten my Internet PIN or Mobile Password?

What happens if I enter my Internet PIN or mobile password incorrectly?

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General Banking

How can I check if my salary has been credited into my account?

When can I expect to receive my pay?

When will my pension be paid out?

When will the overtime pay be paid out?

What is the minimum amount to be maintained in my savings account?

Why are there always changes to BIBD Tariffs?

I have lodged a complaint. Who can I call to get updates on my complaint?

Where else can I update my passbook, apart from doing so at the branch counters?

What is the difference between Debit Card and Credit Card?

How can I become a member of Perdana Banking?

What are the privileges and benefits of being a Perdana member?

Where can I learn more about your investment account / savings account rates?

How do I find out whether my Debit Card / Credit Card are ready for collection?

How do I contact At-Tamwil with regards to my deduction?

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Where can I find the nearest ATM location?

Where can I find the nearest Cash Deposit Machine?

Where can I find the nearest Cheque Deposit Machine?

Where can I report and retrieve my card being retained by the ATM/CDM?

My cash is not dispensed by ATM. Where can I report this and when can I get my money back?

I just deposited money through your Cash Deposit Machine and a message shown 'system currently under maintenance', please assist to check if my money have been successfully credited to my account OR third party / credit card account?

I just deposited one cheque through your Cheque Deposit Machine and a message shown 'system currently under maintenance', please assist to confirm if my cheque have been successfully credited to my account OR company / third party account?

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Financing - General

How do I check the outstanding balance of my financing balance?

How can I get updates of my financing application? How would I know if it has been approved? Whom should I contact?

My application for financing has been approved. When can I expect to receive the disbursed funds?

How do I check when my financing is maturing?

There is an over-debit of my financing repayment. Why is this so?

I noticed there is a difference in the amount being deducted for my recent financing repayment. Why is there a difference compared to previous repayments?

Is it possible to reschedule my existing financing?

Currently, my salary is assigned to another bank with an existing financing facility. How do I assign my salary and transfer the existing financing facility to BIBD?

Can I settle my credit card bills and other debts?

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Home Financing

What is the Shariah concept for BIBD Home Financing?

What are the types of Home Financing products available at BIBD?

What is BIBD Rumah Plus for?

Can a customer mortgage a property (land with/without house) that is not registered under their name in order to apply for home financing?

Who is eligible to apply for the Home Financing and BIBD Rumah Plus?

How is the Home Financing/BIBD Rumah Plus eligibility determined?

What is the maximum amount customers can apply for?

What security/collateral do customers have to provide?

Can a home financing be applied by 2 individuals or more (joint financing)?

When can a customer apply for Home Financing?

How do customers apply for Home Financing?

Does customer's salary have to be assigned to BIBD to apply for Home Financing?

Can I apply for home financing for the purpose of renovating/expanding my existing house?

Can I include the costs of furniture and household appliances in my home financing?

What are the documents required at the time of application?

What are the charges other than interest that are levied by Home Financing lenders?

For house purchase, how much do I have to pay the developer as down-payment and is it refundable?

What are the fees and charges for the Home Financing?

Does the Bank offer any subsidies on Home Financing?

What is the maximum repayment period for home financing?

What is the monthly payment?

When do I start paying for the monthly payment on my Home Financing?

How is the financing amount disbursed?

Can I settle-off my financing ahead of schedule?

What are the rates for Home Financing?

I just applied for Home Financing. How long will I need to wait before I can get the disbursement of funds?

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Education Financing

How do I qualify for a student financing from BIBD?

How do I finance my payments for my A+ Student Package?

Would I require a guarantor if I am applying for A+ student package?

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Corporate Financing

What are the application criteria for corporate financing facilities?

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Master Debit Card

What is the BIBD Debit MasterCard?

What is a Debit Card?

Who can apply for the BIBD Debit Card?

How to apply for the BIBD Debit Card?

How is my BIBD Debit Card linked to my Current or Savings account?

Where can I use my BIBD Debit Card?

What other benefits do I get from the BIBD Debit Card?

Is there any spending limit imposed?

What are the fees and charges for BIBD Debit Card?

How long after I apply will I receive my BIBD Debit Card?

Can Joint Account holders sign-up for the BIBD Debit Card?

Can I use my BIBD Debit Card immediately upon receiving it?

What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?

What do I do if I forget my BIBD Debit Card PIN?

What if my account has insufficient balance during the annual fee deduction process?

Can I apply for BIBD Debit Card at any BIBD branch?

Given that the BIBD Debit Card is Shariah Complaint, are there any restrictions in transactions?

Can I apply for the Master Debit Card online?

When and where is my Master Debit Card is ready for collection?

What are the application criteria for a Master Debit Card?

I am going overseas. What are the charges for cash withdrawal using my Master Debit Card?

Will I be able to use the card for online transactions, like MasterCard or Visa?

I have wrongly entered my PIN and now I cannot use my Master Debit Card. How do I request for a new PIN and how long will it take?

I own a Debit Card and it's linked to both of my savings and current account. If I purchase anything online or swipe my card at a shop, which account will it debit the payment from? Can I select my current account for purchases via my debit card, such that it will not deduct from my savings account?

How do I check my debit card transactions / statements via Internet Banking?

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Master Credit Card

What are the fees and the interest charged for using the BIBD Master Credit Card?

What is the minimum Credit Card payment, which will be deducted automatically from my account?

How can I check my balance or statement for my Master Credit Card? Is there a way that I can check through online?

Do you have e-forms for claiming Master Credit Card Reward Points?

My Master Credit Card is due to expire / has expired. How do I proceed to renew my card?

I would like to increase the credit limit for my Master Credit Card. How can I do this?

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Internet Banking

How do I access Internet Banking?

What should I do if my Internet Banking Online Registration fails?

I accidentally deleted the email containing my PIN / I forgot my PIN for Internet Banking. How do I request for a re-issue of my Internet Banking Online Registration PIN?

What are the charges for doing a fund transfer from BIBD to another bank using Internet Banking?

I am currently overseas and I have a BIBD account. How can I apply for Internet Banking?

Will I be able to do overseas fund transfers to any bank account using Internet Banking? What are the charges like?

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Current Accounts and Savings Accounts

I'm not a Bruneian citizen or Permanent Resident. I wish to open a BIBD savings account that comes with a debit card. Am I able to do so?

I am a foreigner living overseas. Can I open an account with BIBD? If yes, what should I do next?

Why is my account being hold?

Will I be able to check the balances of savings or current accounts owned by my family members or relatives?

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Fleet Card

We are a registered company without an account with BIBD. Are we able to apply for a Fleet Card?