Paying has never been this fast!

With BIBD Wave, there is no need to bring your wallet or have cash ready for your purchases. Simply wave your smartphone on the digital payment device, and authenticate to pay.

  • Quick login via BIBD NEXGEN Wallet shortcut.
  • Option to pay without launching the app.
  • No Internet connection required.
  • Pay via Debit Card or vCard (Virtual Prepaid Mastercard).
Compatible devices:

Currently, only Android devices that have NFC component are compatible to make payment using BIBD Wave.

How do I activate my cards for BIBD Wave?
  • Enable NFC on your device.
  • Login to BIBD NEXGEN Mobile app and click on Digital Payments.
  • Choose Mobile Payments.
  • Select the card to activate.
How do I make payment with BIBD Wave?

To make a payment you can simply unlock your phone, wave it close to the terminal, input your wallet pin and complete the payment.

You can also make payment by launching the BIBD NEXGEN Mobile app and tap on the BIBD NEXGEN Wallet icon.

What is my transaction limit?
  • Daily transaction limit: BND800
  • Per transaction limit: BND100
  • Frequency: 10 times (Online) or 5 times (Offline — without Internet/data connection) 
Requirements and Eligibility for Merchants
  • Applicable to Sole Proprietorship and Partnership.
  • Maintain a current corporate account with BIBD.
Merchant Application

To apply, contact us by calling 2269399 or email us at and we will get in touch with you.

Contact Us

For more details, please either contact us by calling our Contact Centre at 2238181 or chat with us on our mobile chat or visit us at any of our nearest branches.


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