BIBD Debit Mastercard Contactless

Enjoy the benefits and convenience of our BIBD Debit Mastercard Contactless.


Features & Benefits

  • Do away with the hassle of paying with cash as payment with the Card were made directly from BIBD account.
  • Rewarded with 1 Hadiah Point for every B$2 spent on the Card.
  • Hadiah Points can be redeemed for cash, air miles, fee waiver, donate to charities, bill payment and payment via eTunai.
  • Accepted worldwide at over 36 million merchants and 2 million ATMs including online transactions.
  • Protected with an additional layer of security when shopping online with Mastercard SecureCode.
  • Enjoy yearlong and seasonal discounts exclusive offers from a wide variety merchants locally with BIBD Treats and Delights.


  • Shariah Concept
    • Al-Wakalah bil Ujrah

      The BIBD Debit Mastercard Card is an added payment instrument offered by BIBD under the Shariah concept of Al-Wakalah bil Ujrah (fee) whereby the Bank will act as an agent (Wakil) by providing Direct Debit Point of Sales (POS) payment service and cash ATM withdrawals service to cardholders for a fee.

  • Eligibility
    • Brunei Citizens, Permanent Residents and Foreigners.
    • Individuals aged 15 years and above.
    • Customers who maintain a BIBD Savings or Current Account.
  • Required Documents
    • Original copy of your Identity Card or passport.
  • Hadiah Points

    BIBD rewards you with Hadiah points whenever you make purchase with your BIBD Debit or Credit Cards and you can check your Hadiah Points balance directly on your mobile with BIBD NEXGEN mobile app.

  • Fees
    • No Annual Fee imposed.
    • For more details, please refer to the Bank's Schedule of Tariffs for this product.

      Be sure also to read the Terms and Conditions governing the use of BIBD Debit Mastercard Card.

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