Safe Deposit Box

Have peace of mind when using our safe deposit boxes


Secure your valuable using our BIBD safe deposit boxes at our Head Office. You may choose to store a wide range of possessions, including:

  • Precious stones
  • Precious metals
  • Currencies
  • Marketable securities
  • Important documents (e.g. wills, property deeds, and birth certificates) that need protection from theft, fire, flood, tampering or such
Safe Deposit Box Type Size Annual Storage Fee
A 16“ x 16“ x20“ BND325
B 10“ x 10“ x20“ BND300
C 5“ x 10“ x20“ BND200
D 3“ x 10“ x20“ BND150
  • Shariah Concept
    • Al-Ajr

      The Depositor ("Muwakkil") agrees to make the payment of fee in exchange for providing the service, which is the safe-keeping of the Customer’s valuable items or belongings in the safe deposit box let by BIBD for a period of time

  • Eligibility
    • BIBD account holder
    • Brunei Citizens and Permanent Residents
    • Foreign citizens with valid work/student permit
    • Individuals aged 18 and above
  • Required Documents
    • Original identity card or passport
  • Fees and Requirements

    For more details, please refer to the Bank's Schedule of Tariffs

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