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BIBD ALAF Students Celebrated for Their Achievements 16 Dec 2017
BIBD Inks MoU with AgromeIQ to Further Develop Capabilities of ALAF Students 15 Dec 2017

BIBD Continues Investment in Islamic Banking Capabilities with 4th Batch of Islamic Financial Planners

08 Dec 2017

BIBD Pop-Up Travel Fair Grand Winner Off to Paris

07 Dec 2017

BIBD Showcases Local and International Arts and Culture Night

22 Nov 2017

BIBD PERDANA Members Tee Off for a good cause at Annual PERDANA Golf Tournament

05 Nov 2017

BIBD Makes it easier for Belait Residents with Complete Home Financing Solutions in Panaga Branch 

03 Nov 2017

BIBD Emphasised Early Home Ownership at BIBD Festival Weekend

29 Oct 2017

BIBD Upholds Brunei's Pride - Maintains Top 3% Position Among 500 Strongest Banks in Asia-Pacific

21 Oct 2017

BIBD Shares Valuable Insights and Experiences with its Corporates

18 Oct 2017

BIBD Represents Brunei as ASEAN Leader in Rural Development and Poverty Eradication

09 Oct 2017

BIBD's Reaffirmed A- Rating Strengthens Bruneian Bank Position Among Region's Best

20 Sep 2017

BIBD's Digital Transformation Receives International Recognition

18 Sep 2017


BIBD ALAF Comes to the Aid of Fire Victims under its Wings

08 Sep 2017

BIBD Celebrates Hari Raya Aidil Adha with the Community

04 Sep 2017

BIBD ATM and CDM opens in Berjaya, Tutong

24 Aug 2017

BIBD Delegates Impress at Cambridge Islamic Finance Leadership Programme

23 Aug 2017

BIBD Shareholders Reminded to Update Personal Details to Receive Recent Interim Dividends

07 Aug 2017

'Top Up Tah Lagi' Winners Walk Away with Exclusive Prizes

04 Aug 2017

BIBD Records Highest ever Dividens on the Back of Strong Brunei Economic Environment and Activity

14 Jul 2017

First BIBD ALAF Student off to Egypt to Pursue Studies

21 Jun 2017

BIBD holds annual Majlis Bertahlil at Royal Mausoleum

16 Jun 2017

BIBD Doubles Record Dividend for Shareholders

15 Jun 2017

BIBD Hands Over more than B$3 Million in Business Zakat

09 Jun 2017

BIBD Hands Over Donations and Award at Annual Majlis Khatam Al-Quran Keluarga BIBD

09 Jun 2017

Local Entrepreneurs Boosted by Session with BIBD and Fashion Valet

01 Jun 2017

BIBD Partners with Government of Brunei to Support Underprivileged Community

01 Jun 2017

BIBD Inspires more Entrepreneurs with Briefing on Benefits of SME 360

29 May 2017

BIBD Shares Developments in Islamic Finance at 11th Isra Convention

26 May 2017

BIBD Shares its Blessings with Annual Sirah Amal

26 May 2017


BIBD ATM Opens in Sungai Liang

22 May 2017


BIBD Brings Fashion Valet to Brunei

21 May 2017


BIBD Builds up Spirit of Ramadhan with Prayers and Cemetery Clean up

19 May 2017


BIBD Launches BIBD Festive Promotion with up to 30% Discounts with more than 40 Merchants

19 May 2017


BIBD Provides Comfort for Mentiri Congregants with Air Coolers and Donations

17 May 2017


BIBD Supports AMBD's Financial Fun Fair with Benefits of Better Financial Management

30 Apr 2017


BIBD ALAF Reaches Another Milestone with Launch of ALAF Library

28 Apr 2017


BIBD Concludes the "Digital, Coffee, and You" Roadshow Campaign in Serusop

27 Apr 2017


BIBD Continues "Digital, Coffee, and You" Roadshow Campaign in Manggis

20 Apr 2017


BIBD Provides its Support for AMBD National Savings Day

20 Apr 2017


BIBD 10th Home Showcase closes in Kiulap

15 Apr 2017


BIBD Barakah Rewards 7 Second Cycle Winner Drives Home with Mercedes Benz E200 AMG

14 Apr 2017


BIBD Continues "Digital, Coffee, and You" Roadshow Campaign in Tanjung Bunut

13 Apr 2017


BIBD Home Showcase Supports Belait Ku Ceria

13 Apr 2017


BIBD Shares Brunei Views on FinTech Oppotunities at IFSB General Assembly

12 Apr 2017


BIBD Begins "Digital, Coffee, and You" Roadshow Campaign

06 Apr 2017


BIBD Brings Convenience to Residents of Mulaut with New ATM

03 Apr 2017


BIBD Highlights Benefits of Better Financial Management at TAP's Global Money Week

28 Mar 2017


BIBD ALAF Programme Concludes School Holiday Activities With Career and Smart Camps

27 Mar 2017


BIBD’s Strong Customer Appreciation Makes it the Best Retail Bank for Five Years Running

21 Mar 2017


BIBD Draw Winners Get Apple TV Devices and Travel Packages to Kuala Lumpur

17 Mar 2017


BIBD to Reward 33,000 Royal Skies Miles to Five Participants from RB-Belait Travel Fair Draw

04 Mar 2017

BIBD ALAF Nurture Strong Reading Culture with Trip to “Brunei Book Fair”

03 Mar 2017


ALAF Students Achieve Excellent Results As BIBD Continues To Support Vision 2035

25 Feb 2017

BIBD’s S&P Rating Affirmed at A- Stable

17 Feb 2017

BIBD Provides Insight and Raises Benefits of Home Ownership at Second Social Mixer

12 Feb 2017

BIBD Improves Islamic Banking Capabilities with Advanced Qualifications in Wealth Management

3 Feb 2017

BIBD Increases Islamic Financial Knowledge with Afternoon Session with Islamic Finance Scholar

31 Jan 2017

BIBD ‘Top Up Tah Lagi’ Winners Take Home Apple Iphone7, Apple IPad Pro And Bali Air Tickets

27 Jan 2017

BIBD Barakah Rewards 7 Winner Drives Away With Mercedes Benz Glc

20 Jan 2017

BIBD Launches Consolidation Financing Scheme Campaign and Other BIBD Privileges And Waivers At Consumer Fair 19

17 Jan 2017

BIBD Hands Over Apple TV Devices and Travel Packages to Kuala Lumpur for Monthly Winners of Barakah Rewards and Swipe

13 Jan 2017

BIBD Serusop Branch Starts Operations

11 Jan 2017




Islamic Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition 12 June 2018

BIBD hands over Zakat for financial year 2017 12 June 2018

BIBD Khatam Al-Quran 8 June 2018

BIBD concludes Sirah Amal activities 6 June 2018

BIBD MSME Account 30 May 2018

BIBD Holds Annual Tahlil Ceremony at Royal Mausoleum 29 May 2018

Islamic Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition 28 May 2018

BIBD Shares its Blessings with Annual Sirah Amal 26 May 2018

BIBD Launches 'BIBD NEXGEN': Infinity of Possibilities for a Digital Banking Revolution 11 May 2018

BIBD Cardholders Treated to Exclusive Early Entrance and Promotions at Fashion Valet Pop-up Event

02 May 2018

Experience Home Ownership with Virtual Reality at BIBD's 12th Home Showcase Festival

29 April 2018

BIBD Strengthens Foundation of Islamic Economy with Symposium on Islamic Business & Finance

21 April 2018

BIBD Commended as Frontrunner of Digital Transformation as Brunei's Best Retail Bank for Sixth Year Running

30 March 2018

BIBD Enlivens Community with Another First: BIBD Connects

23 March 2018

BIBD 'Top Up Tah Lagi' Winners Walk Away with Exclusive Prizes

16 March 2018

BIBD and UTB Collaborate to Create Opportunities for Future Generations

13 March 2018

BIBD Celebrates its Strong Relationships with Partners at Appreciation Day

01 March 2018

BIBD ALAF Continues Commitment Towards Nation Building in Fifth Year of ALAF Scholarships 08 Feb 2018

BIBD Marks 25th Year of Islamic Finance and its Contributions to the Bruneian Economy 13 Jan 2018
BIBD Mobile and Digital Banking Services Best in Brunei 10 Jan 2018


Title Date  
BIBD ALAF Shapes Brunei’s Future Generation through Holistic Education 05 Dec 2016

BIBD Brings Greater Convenience to KB Sentral 30 Nov 2016

BIBD among the First Choice for Job Seekers 29 Nov 2016

BIBD Hosts ALAF Teachers Appreciation Night 29 Nov 2016

BIBD Hands Over Apple TV Devices, IPhone SE and Samsung S7 to Monthly Campaign Winners 18 Nov 2016

BIBD Perdana And Corporate Customers Tee Off At the 7th Annual Invitational Golf Tournament 14 Nov 2016

Get an Opportunity to Win Prizes When You Top Up With BIBD 11 Nov 2016

BIBD Barakah 7 Takes Off With Monthly Winners of First Cycle 28 Oct 2016

Students from UBD and Sekolah Rendah Sg Tali Visit BIBD Headquarters 27 Oct 2016

BIBD Extends Network with New Perdana Lounge in Bandar 24 Oct 2016

BIBD Let's Go Mobile Feted 21 Oct 2016

UBD Students Improve Knowledge on Islamic Financial Market and Wealth Management Products via Visit to BIBD Securiti 19 Oct 2016

Our Home Showcase Is Ending But Our Doors Are Always Open 16 Oct 2016

BIBD Supports ALAF Students' Preparation for Upcoming Exams 14 Oct 2016

BIBD Treats Aspiring Home Owners to High Tea Atop The Capital 09 Oct 2016

BIBD Bunut Atm Relocates to Bunut Shahryza Shell Station 07 Oct 2016

BIBD Launches First-Ever Dedicated Sme 360 Branch 22 Sep 2016

BIBD Treats Aspiring Home Owners with Pop Up Dinner 21 Sep 2016

BIBD Safest Bank in the Country 16 Sep 2016

BIBD Holds Hari Raya Aidil Adha Celebration 14 Sep 2016

9th BIBD Home Showcase Kicks Off With Fresh Taste 11 Sep 2016

BIBD ALAF Supports Students’ Exam Preparations with “Bijak Bistari Workshop” 11 Sep 2016

9th BIBD Home Showcase Festival 09 Sep 2016

BIBD Bank Announces Record Dividends for Shareholders 08 Sep 2016

BIBD Delegate among Top 5 Most Outstanding Attendees at Cambridge Islamic Finance Leadership Programme 29 Aug 2016

UTB Students Improve Knowledge on Islamic Securities via Visit to BIBD Securities 25 Aug 2016

BIBD Builds on Success of Exchange Programme With Second Mou to Develop Local Talent to Support Economic Growth 23 Aug 2016

BIBD Promotes Brunei as Investment Destination at Caiba Seminar in Beijing 03 Aug 2016

 BIBD Ranked 38th In the Banker’s Top 1000 World Banks for Soundness in Capital Assets Ratio 13 Jul 2016

BIBD Retains Strong A- Rating from S&P 01 Jul 2016

BIBD Hands Over Zakat For 2015 29 Jun 2016

BIBD Holds Annual Majlis Khatam Al-Quran 29 Jun 2016

BIBD Shares Government Commitment And Social Responsibility 14 Jun 2016

BIBD Holds Annual Majlis Bertahlil at Royal Mausoleum 10 Jun 2016

BIBD Continues 2016 Sirah Amal Charity Drive 04 Jun 2016

BIBD ALAF Gets New Premises 03 Jun 2016

BIBD Securities Highlights Benefits of Financial Planning At Ambd Fair 22 May 2016

BIBD Eases Airport Movement 20 May 2016

BIBD Branches the Smartest In Region 19 May 2016

BIBD Shares Brunei’s Best Practices On Technology And Customer Management Capabilities With Middle-East Bank 18 May 2016

BIBD Swipe to Fly Winners Off To Jakarta, Bali, and Bangkok 29 Apr 2016

BIBD Celebrates Dedicated Employees, Reminded To Continue To Support Bruneian Ambitions 26 Apr 2016

BIBD And Tourism Malaysia Promo Winner Gets All-Expenses Paid Holiday 25 Apr 2016

Do Not Miss Great Prizes and Waivers at the 8th BIBD Home Showcase 22 Apr 2016

BIBD Launches SME 360 with First-Time Offerings for SMES 13 Apr 2016

BIBD Receives Islamic Finance Talent Development Champion Award 09 Apr 2016

BIBD Treat Clients to Innovation Workshop 08 Apr 2016

BIBD Closes Seven-Day Learning Camps For BIBD ALAF Students 01 Apr 2016

BIBD Arranges Learning Camps For BIBD ALAF Students 28 Mar 2016

BIBD Remains the Top Rated Bank in Brunei 26 Mar 2016

BIBD Makes It Four Wins in A Row for Best Retail Bank 18 Mar 2016

BIBD Top Up Tia Winners Feted 11 Mar 2016

Visit BIBD at the 11th RB Belait Travel Fair 05 Mar 2016

Grab Special BIBD Fee Waivers at Bitc 2016 29 Feb 2016

BIBD ALAF Continues Strong Community Support In Third Year of ALAF Scholarships 20 Feb 2016

BIBD Launches Visa Services for Its Cards 19 Feb 2016

ALAF Partners and Students Celebrated 23 Jan 2016

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