At BIBD, we offer specialised corporate advisory to address a wide range of corporate objectives, including: business advisory, restructuring advisory and project advisory.


  • Advisory

    We offer advice related to mergers and acquisitions, company valuation, joint ventures, corporate financing, public-private partnerships, financial restructuring and other capital raisings or reorganisations.

  • Syndication

    Under this suite of services, we originate, structure, underwrite and syndicate financing for Sovereigns, Corporates, Financial Institutions, by way of private financing, project finance, structured finance and syndication.

  • Debt Capital Markets

    We provide advisory for all classes of issuers, including Sovereigns, Corporates, Financial Institutions, on how to approach the capital markets most effectively to raise funds. We advise clients on their overall capital structure, the mix of long, medium and short term financing to provide capital efficiency and flexibility, and the financing structure before bringing them to the market.