By means of this service, companies will be able to keep track of business-related spending by their executives through a system which is recognised worldwide. The BIBD Corporate MasterCard Credit Card is the only Shariah compliant credit card facility available in Brunei Darussalam which is specially developed to cater for government and private organisations.

Security Features

  • Chip based
  • Notifications through SMS alert
  • Fraud Monitoring System
  • Mastercard 3D secure for e-commerce transactions
  • 24/7 Contact Centre and fraud monitoring system (based in Brunei)


Limited to Government organisations and Private Limited company only. Available for Financing and Non-financing account holders.

Local registered companies owned in full or part by nationals and permanent residents of Negara Brunei Darussalam.

Business must be in accordance with the Shariah principles and in line with the countrys economic development policy.

Maintain a corporate account at BIBD for at least six months.

Business must be technically and economically viable and capable of servicing the obligations of the corporate credit cards given to its personnel.


The limits/entitlement shall be set based on the following:

1. Government-linked companies
Subject to the amount required and authorised amount
2. Other Companies/corporations
Based on the credit assessment by BIBD
For Financing Account holder
Up to BND350,000 and depending on Existing Financing Exposure
For non Financing Account Holder
*Based on company's audited account
*Performance of current account


Two (2) years to be reviewed annually


  • Annual fee - $50 per card
  • Service fee 1.5% per month on outstanding balance
  • Replacement fee - $20 per card
  • Late charges - None


Two options:

  • 100% of the outstanding balance or
  • 8% of the outstanding balance

*Direct Debit from the account


  • Application forms
  • Certificate of incorporation, memorandum and articles of association, Particulars of Director and shreholders
  • Companys Resolution for corporate MasterCard Credit card application
  • Identity card or passport of company's directors
  • Identity card or passport of company's cardholders
  • Management of Accounts/Audited Accounts(balance sheet and Profit & Loss)

For more details, please refer to the Bank's Schedule of Tariffs.