Ar-Rahnu Micro Financing offers two products;

  1. Az-Zahab – which caters to customers who has an account with BIBD and uses Gold as collateral.
  2. Al-Jauhar – which caters to customers who assigns their salary to BIBD and uses Gold and precious stones as collateral with monthly deduction of safekeeping fees.

Features & Benefits

  • Obtain short term financing up to 80% of the collaterals prevailing market rate
  • Spread out your monthly payments up to 6 months for Az-Zahab and up to 12 months for Al-Jauhar
  • Safekeeping of your gold
  • Cleaning and Zakat services available

Shariah Concept

  • The Shariah concept applicable is Ar-Rahnu
  • Ar-Rahnu, also known as pawn, refers to the mechanism whereby an item of value is pledged as a security for cash financing. Ar-Rahnu together with other mualamat principles create the Shariah based pawn broking which include;

    Al-Qardhul Hasan, the financing agreement, whereby BIBD grants financing to the customer who is only required to pay the amount borrowed with some token of appreciation.

    Al-Wadi'ah Yad Dhaman, safekeeping with guarantee, is an agreement between the customer and BIBD, whereby BIBD accepts custody of the gold and ensures the safekeeping of the gold which guarantees the gold against loss, damage, theft and the like.


  • Brunei Citizens and Permanent Residents
  • Individuals between the age of 18 to 65 years
  • Assignment of Income (applicable for Al-Jauhar scheme)

Required Documents

  • Original copy of Identity card (applicant & Gold owner)
  • Original copy of latest salary slip (applicable for Al-Jauhar product only)
  • Marriage Certificate / Annulment or Divorce Certificate / Death Certificate (where applicable)
  • Letter of Consent from collateral owner (where applicable)

Fees and Requirements

For more details, please refer to the Bank's Schedule of Tariffs or the list of applicable rates for this product.

Please read this Product Disclosure Sheet before you decide to take the Personal Financing. Be sure also to read the General Terms and Conditions.

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