Features & Benefits

  • Two ways to obtain financing using gold items and precious stones.
      Al-Jauhar Az-Zahab
    Accepted Collaterals Gold items and precious stones Gold items only
    Financing Limit 80% of collateral's prevailing market rate, up to BND 40,000.00 70% of collateral's prevailing market rate, up to BND 30,000.00
    Minimum Daily Transaction Limit BND 300.00 BND 100.00
    Maximum Daily Transaction Limit BND 9,000.00 BND 8,000.00
  • Hassle-free short-term financing; no personal continuing guarantor is needed to apply for our micro financing scheme.
  • With a maximum financing term of twelve (12) months*, our micro financing scheme provides you a disciplined approach to reach your goals, with hassle-free monthly installments.
  • Get fair value for your gold items; in the event of non-redemption, the balance of the profits obtained after your items are auctioned off are returned to you.

*For Ar-Rahnu Az-Zahab, the maximum financing term is six (6) months.

Shariah Concept

  • Ar-Rahnu

    Ar-Rahnu is Islamic pawn-broking based on the principles of Wadiah Yad Dhamanah and Ar-Rahn. The former refers to placement of goods or deposits with another person, who is not the owner, for safe-keeping while Ar-Rahn is an arrangement whereby a valuable asset is placed as collateral for a debt. It is an easy way for you to attain micro financing, and we give you an opportunity to choose transactions that do not involve riba. Learn more »


  • Brunei Citizens and Permanent Residents
  • Individuals aged 18 to 65 years
  • Assignment of Income (applicable for Al Jauhar scheme)

Required Documents

  • Identity cards of both applicant and spouse
  • Latest salary slip (where applicable)
  • Marriage Certificate / Annulment or Divorce Certificate / Death Certificate (where applicable)
Collateral Owner
  • Identity card of collateral owner
  • Letter of Consent from collateral owner
  • Proxy Letter (for redemption purposes)
  • Identity card of the proxy

Fees and Requirements

  • Minimum Monthly Net Deduction of Salary

    Monthly Net Deduction of Salary, inclusive of pre-calculation of safekeeping fee per month, must not be less than BND 350.00 (applicable for Al-Jauhar scheme)

  • Safe-Keeping Fees

    Al-Jauhar: BND 0.70 per BND 100.00 of collateral
    Az-Zahab: BND 0.70 per BND 100.00 of collateral

  • Administration Fees

    Al-Jauhar: BND 20.00
    Az-Zahab: BND 15.00

  • Stamp Duty

    Al-Jauhar: BND 14.00
    Az-Zahab: BND 4.00

  • Lost of Acceptance Letter

    BND 10.00

  • Cleaning Service Charge (for gold jewellery only)

    BND 2.00 per item

Please contact our customer service representative or visit our branches for more information on applicable rates.

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