General Current
Enjoy the convenience of holding a chequing account for you and your family's banking needs.
Children's Saver
Give your child a head start with a regular savings plan.
Senior Citizen's Saver
Specially catered to your parents and seniors in your home.
General Saver
Our general savings account for you and your family.
Purpose Saver
Saving as a family? Reach your savings goals faster with the Purpose Saver account.
Haj Saver
A unique savings account that enables you to fulfill your ambition of performing Haj or Umrah.


Personal Financing
Enjoy customisable financing options to suit your family's needs.
Overdraft Facility
Whether you're getting married or welcoming a newborn, get extra cash for the key moments in life.
Micro Financing
Pawn broking based on Islamic Principles. Get extra cash when you need it with this hassle-free short term financing scheme.
Children's Education
Enable your child to pursue a brighter future. See what our Children's Education financial package can do for your young ones.
Home Financing
Our home financing scheme was designed with you in mind.
Home Improvement
Get the money you need to renovate and improve your home.
Home Rumah Plus
A home financing package specially designed for government, semi-government and select private sector employees.


Debit Card
Achieve greater financial control for you and your family with the BIBD Debit Card.
Credit Card
Spend and share the rewards with your family when you use the BIBD MasterCard.


Different types of remittance services to cater to your specific needs.
Wealth Management
Learn how to manage your wealth, with our financial planning tips and services.
Bill Payments
Settle your household expenses with ease.
Zakat Counter
Apply now to make fulfilling your religious obligation more convenient.
Make a difference to the less privileged.
Other Services
See what other services there are for you.