Current Accounts

General Current
A general current account that gives you the safety and convenience of holding a cheque book.
Tiered Current
A current account that allows you to get more value out of your money, the more you save.

Saving Accounts

Easy Saver
A complementary account that makes managing your money online so much easier.
Children's Saver
Specially developed for those with young ones, the Children's Saver helps parents plan a regular savings schedule for their children.
Student's Saver
Every great journey starts with a small step forward. Specially for students to help you achieve your dreams.
Senior Citizen's Saver
A savings account specially catered for our senior citizens.
Tiered Savings
For as low as BND 50, you can start saving with us.
General Saver
A general savings account which grants you easy access to your money.
Purpose Saver
An account with a regular savings plan which makes it much easier for you to achieve your goals.
Haj Saver
A unique savings account aimed at assisting you to fulfill your ambition of performing Haj or Umrah.

Foreign Currency Accounts

Foreign Currency Current
A current account facility in your choice of foreign currencies.
Foreign Currency Savings
A savings account facility in your choice of foreign currencies.